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Debtstroyer Home Loans is more than just a specialty lender.

We provide a suite of financial services to help improve your overall financial position.

We help to destroy your debt and get your finances back on track.

What Can Debtstroyer Home Loans do for you?

We offer a range of services designed to help you consolidate your debts and improve your cash flow.

Home Loans

Debtstroyer Home Loans provide lending solutions for people who don’t fall within the ‘standard lending criteria’.

Major lenders have very strict criteria regarding who they lend money to and things such as irregular income, too much debt or a poor credit history will see you declined for a much needed loan.

As a specialty lender, we are able to offer a suite of financial services to help improve your overall position and lend to people major lenders won’t.

Mortgage Refinancing

Are you in need of a large sum of money but not in a financial position to take out a personal loan?

You can refinance your mortgage with a Debtstroyer Home Loan. You can then use the equity to pay off your unsecured debt in a lump sum settlement, renovate or even start a business!

Debtstroyer Home Loans can improve your financial position by negotiating with your creditors and offering you an affordable mortgage repayment.

Business Loans

Debtstroyer Home Loans can help to consolidate company debt. Whether it be trade, creditor or tax debt, we have a simple solution for you.

Using a Debtstroyer Home Loan you could refinance your mortgage, allowing you access to the equity to pay off your company debt.

You could also conslidate your tax and company debt into your Debtstroyer Home Loan improving your cash flow and reducing your debt repayments.

Debt Consolidation

Are your unsecured debts getting out of control and making it hard for you to afford everyday living expenses? You don’t have to suffer through unmanageable debt.

Consolidate your debts into your mortgage by refinancing with a Debtstroyer Home Loan. You will enjoy the benefits of improved cash flow and one easy-to-manage repayment.

We can also negotiate with your unsecured creditors to reduce your debt amount potentially saving you thousands off your Debtstroyer Home Loan.

Debt Settlement

Cars, holidays, technology, furniture, white goods – The way of life in Australia is not cheap and our unsecured debts can often spiral out of control.

Eliminate debt once and for all. We can negotiate with your creditors to accept a lump sum settlement in satisfaction of your debt.

Debtstroyer Home Loans can reduce the amount of debt you owe and negotiate an arrangement to pay it off in one lump sum, potentially saving you thousands.

Repayment Arrangements

When mortgage refinancing is not an option, there is a way you can repay your creditors while making your debt repayments more affordable.

We can negotiate privately with your creditors to reach a new, legally binding, affordable repayment arrangement for your debt which won’t impact your credit file.

This allows you to honour your debts and repay your creditors without struggling to afford your everyday expenses week-to-week.

We see things differently, let us help you consolidate your debts, reduce your repayments and improve your financial position.

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